Remembering Dan Geary - Our Fallen Brother

"Rest now my fallen brother,
Rest easy, you’ve done your part,
Rest well and forever,
As we ring the final bell."

Family and Friends,

It is with great sorrow and remorse that we announce to you all that Dan Geary passed peacefully in his hospital bed July 5th, 2018 at Palomar Hospital in Escondido. A couple days prior, while working out at the gym, he had a seizure. He was transported to the hospital. The seizure was due to a bleed in his brain and the scan revealed that the damage was irreversible. He was taken off of life support yesterday and passed shortly after. Some members of the VFFA were there when Dan passed to offer their condolences, love and support to Dan's family.

Dan had a positive attitude and was grateful to everyone for the love and support before, during and after the Hop Highway Brew Off. His fiancé, Chelsea, and Dan’s family appreciated the support and it meant a lot to Dan to have so many people rally for him in his time of need. Please keep Dan and his family in your thoughts.

Wewill keep you up to date of any memorial arrangements. Please offer your prayers and thoughts for Chelsea and for all that loved Dan.

VFFA 4107 Charity Committee